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Foiling Services

Pricing is unique to each service and guest. Each foiling service on our menu includes one bowl of color. Extra thick or long hair, more product or extreme time will be reflected in the price. For an complimentary and accurate quote for your customized color, please book a consultation prior to booking your service. We are happy to work with you towards your hair goals, and always have options for almost any budget. Prices subject to change without notice.

Full Foils

Full Foils 130

(approx 45min- 1hr application)

All the areas you can see when styled. Top and sides.

1 application of color included.


All The Foils

All the Foils 180

(approx 1-1.5hr application)

Front hairline detail, top and sides to occipital bone.

1 application of color included.


Mega Head Foils

Mega Foils 230

(approx 1.5- 2hr application)

You know who you are. All the hairline details and everything in between.

1 application of color included.


Balayage/ Foilyage


*starting at 230

(approx 1-2hr application)

Almost all balayage and foilyage need some form of toning depending on the desired look. 1 application of color included.


Toner/ Color Balance

Toner/ Color Balance 45

Achieving your desired tone, balancing ends to newgrowth. Mainly used for foils and color.

1 color application included.


Color Melt

Color Melt 90

Achieving your desired tone, melting two colors together for a softer grow out. Mainly for foilyage, balayage.

2 color applications included.

Color Add On Service 

These services are in addition to other main color services.


A Few Foils 60

Just a few top foils.

Partial Foils 90

Hairline and part.

Full Foils 130

Hairline, sides and top.

Long or Thick hair 25-50

To account for extra time during application, drying, or balance application.


Deep Conditioning 15

Five minute deep conditioning treatment at the sink.

Botanical Treatment 30

Olaplex 35

New Blonde 30

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