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Cutting Services

Our cutting services are based on length of hair, detail of haircut, thickness of hair, and duration of your appointment. Please note our service menu is a guideline and approximation. For a detailed quote of a specific service, please call to book in for a consultation at 250-881-1821

Clipper/ Scissor Over Comb/ Fade

Clipper/ Scissor over Comb Cut 42.5

Wash, Cut or Clip & Style.

(approx. 30mins)

Clipper Fade 45

(approx. 30- 35 mins)

Wash, Fade, Detail & Style.



"Shortie" 55 

(approx. 30- 45 mins)

Short & sweet in hair length and time, pixie style. Wash, Cut, Blow-dry.


Lobs and Bobs

"Lobs and Bobs" 60 

(approx 45- 60 mins)

Little bit of length, shoulder- "ish." Wash, Cut, Blow-dry.


Long and Luscious

"Long and Luscious" 65

(approx 60- 75 mins)

All the hair, long and/ or thick. Wash, Cut, Blow-dry.



"Dusting" 45

(approx 30 mins) Available at stylists discretion. Just the tips. Come with clean dry hair.

Cutting add on Services

These services are in addition to any cut or styling service.


Deep Conditioning 10

Five minute deep conditioning treatment at the sink.

Botanical Treatment 25

Olaplex 30

New Blonde 25

Tone 40

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