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Text 250-880-7346

*Please contact Keri to inquire about her availability*

Contact Keri:


Hi, I'm Keri Darrah,


I want to start off by saying I am a very passionate hairstylist and woman! Also, a proud mama of three unique and beautiful children. I find myself feeding my soul with good health and nature while trying to live each day with gratitude. 


My true desire and admiration for hair stemmed from a young girl and still continues today with 10 years behind the chair! I believe having excellent communication skills will help each unique individual discover and reach their hair dreams and goals. I aim to perfect all of my skills, creativity and experience as this amazing industry is forever changing. I am always up for a subtle or big colour change. Such as 'lived in colour', highlights, balayage or bold and dark. If you want to embrace the natural you, maybe 'grey blending' is the way to go. You can never forget the perfect precision cut to show off your personality!


My goal is for everyone to leave having their hair, mind and soul feeling uplifted and fulfilled. 


I can't wait to build a trusted relationship and solid foundation with you!

How many years have you been in the industry?

12 Years

What is your favourite service to provide and why?

My favourite service to provide for my clientele is precision shear work, complimenting colours and foil work! I believe it is so important to have a perfect and unique haircut that suits your face shape as well as fully expressing your personality and hair colour.

What do you love most about guest services?

I love that I am able to provide my knowledge and experience to help my clientele look and feel their best as well as build long lasting relationships.

What is an accomplishment you're proud of?

II am  proud to be a mother and stepmother to 3 wonderful children. 

Tell me about a goal you have professionally and personally.

With each unique individual my professional goal is to always have excellent communication skills as I want everyone to leave having their hair, mind and soul feeling uplifted and satisfied. 

What is something your guests might not know about you?

I enjoy practicing my level 1 and 2 reiki training using energy healing to bring and emotional or physical support to someones well being wether it's in the chair or at home.

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